Services and Rates

As a Holistic Labor Companion I provide the services of a Doula with training in the healing arts. This includes nutrition, essential oils, homeopathy, herbs, Bach flower remedies, muscle response testing, and others to serve families throughout the child -bearing year. I see my role as one who provides continuous encouragement, education, and faith in the woman’s ability to birth.

I am also uniquely trained in CranioSacral therapy with the respected Upledger Institute to assist in preconception, pregnancy, Birth and the newborn. More information can be seen in the Craniosacral Therapy tab.

Meet and greet

  • Let’s get together and get to know one another! We can meet and go over the services I can offer, and you will gain useful materials and tools to help you articulate your preferences. We will discuss your needs and celebrate the delight of your pregnancy!

Post Partum Doula Services

  • light housework and meal prep
  • connections to local resources including chiropractors, body work therapists, psychologists, acupuncture, “green” baby products, etc.
  • newborn education and guidance, and postpartum body education and guidance
  • help with infant care

Rates are currently $40 an hour in 3-4 hour blocks. 

Ask about bundles and gift certificates.


Birth Doula

  • Prenatal individual consults (see the descriptions below). Choose the bundle that best fits your needs (each bundle offers a varied amount of consults).
  • Full access to informative handouts on everything from tips for optimal fetal positioning to nausea or ways to use certain oils and homeopathics.
  • Email, phone and text support for the prenatal and postpartum period.
  • Labor Support! I will be on call for two weeks before and after your estimated date of delivery. As labor begins I can meet you at your home and “labor-sit.” As labor intensifies I will go with you to your chosen place of birth. I will assist in any supportive measures we discussed to help embrace the power of birth, aid in ideas for positioning, and help communicate your wishes to those present at the birth. I will stay a bit after the birth as you get settled with your new family.
  • 1 postpartum visit to debrief how the experience went and address any new concerns.
  • Rate: See graph below

Individual Consultations

  • A private consult to discuss your up and coming delivery and ways to prepare. This is great if you are unsure that you want or can have a doula but would like more guidance throughout pregnancy and as you plan for the birth and postpartum period. See the list of consultations below. Rate: $120
  • Phone and Skype consultations. Rate: $40 per half hour.

Practice Session:

At 38 weeks it’s time to get your head in the game! During this fun session we go through comfort measures, discuss roles during deliver, and go over expectations. This is one of my favorite sessions to do, everyone leaves feeling refreshed and excited for the big day.

Craniosacral Therapy

Enjoy an hour of this light touch therapy that relaxes and balances your body preparing you for an easier labor and supporting your recovery. Also a fantastic resource for newborns. See the Craniosacral tab for more information.

Birth Plan:

Together we create a birth plan that clearly expresses your preferences and helps you mentally get prepared for the little one’s arrival!

Post-Partum Support Plan

Plan for the wonders of adjusting to life with baby! In these sessions we organize your support team, aid in meal planning, and arrange for meeting other needs in order to make sure your cozy family is off to a great start!

Flower Remedy Session

Flower remedies are wondrous when helping balance emotions and adjust to life’s transitions! In these sessions we assess your needs and create your own flower remedy. I have seen these remedies do wonders when moms need extra support for various anxieties: fear, the feeling of being overwhelmed, adjusting to new life, addressing past concerns. These remedies take the edge off of emotions that may seem overwhelming and help you feel more secure in whatever your journey brings next.

Nutrition Muscle Response Testing

This session is fantastic earlier in your pregnancy! We go over vitamins and mineral and do a personal assessment to see what dietary needs may be present and what foods or supplements are available to support your health as you build a baby.

Optimal Fetal Positioning

Often times when I encounter a long labor it is due to fetal positioning. In this session we work on preventative measures to make sure your baby is in a fantastic position for the big day! Leave with exercises and postures to help ensure your pelvic floor is relaxed and you are creating an environment that invites the baby to tuck its chin, get its arms low and fit nicely in LOA.



A bit about our Doula services;

You may choose to hire your doula as a primary or have a couple as a team.  In the case of extenuating circumstances any of St.Brigid's birth doulas will be available to you and you can meet us whenever you like!

Don't see the bundle you would like- ask us about a custombundle

Birth Doula Services


Verry Supported 

Well Cared for 

All the support you could want

Birth Doula
on call the month around your EDD







1 Chosen session

1 Practice session

1 CST session (done by Kelly)

1 Follow up visit


2 Chosen sessions

1 Practice session

2 CST sessions

1 Follow up visit

6 hrs of post partum support

3 Chosen session

1 Practice session

5 CST sessions

1 Follow up visit

10 hrs of post partum support

5 Prenatal/ postpartum sessions topic of choice

5 CST sessions to be used by 6 mo pp

followup visit 

20 hrs of post partum support

Encapsulation included









*$350-$500 due as a non-refundable deposit in order to save your date. Full balance is due by 37 weeks.

*Repeat client ask about special offers we have just for you!

*An additional charge will be added for locations greater than a 30 minute drive outside of central Grand Rapids.