Fantastic Recomendations from Dads!

November 01 2012 by Kelly O'Brien Pahman


I am so touched there were so many wonderful recommendations, thanks dads it was an honor to work with you!

Here are a few of the recommendations that Dads submitted:

"As a father of three I'm relieved that God sent Kelly to be part of our lives.  She recently shared her God given talent with us during the pre-birth, birth, and post-birth stages (not sure if these are proper terms).  She helped put us at ease in the beginning, played a key role during the birth; and continues to support us now.  She is excellent at what she does."

"If you're a father or a father to be, you would be wise to have Kelly helping you along the way. If you're a mother or a mother to be, you should have Kelly by your side. Your lives will be easier with Kelly being a part of your birth experience."

Brandon Baar


"Having Kelly and her services at our son's birth last year was a big blessing. Not only did it help my wife Allison, but it also helped me stay calm and enjoy the birth process."

Alex Brito

"As the father of three, I was glad to have Kelly present during the delivery of our last child. Investing in the care that Kelly provided my wife was one of the best investments I ever made in myself and the health of our marriage.

To be frank, I am not good at the whole labor and delivery process. I would have preferred to become a father in the day's when men were banned to the waiting room and could smoke a cigar to celebrate the birth of their child. While women deal with the physical pain, lets face it, the physical pain is short lived. A few intense contractions and a doctor is providing them drugs to make any pain disappear. Don't be surprised when the epidural is attached and the wife you have committed your life too seems to forget your very existence, smiles bright and bats her eyes at the doctor who installed it like he is Matthew McConaughey. Forget the fact that three minutes ago you tried everything and nothing made her happy. Thanks to the wonders of modern drugs, she is now laughing and flirting with this total stranger who entered the room.

Meanwhile, we are left to deal with the emotional trauma of labor and delivery. During the birth of our first two children (which occurred without Kelly's assistance), I could do nothing right. I gave shoulder massages that were too hard, too weak, or in the wrong spot. My breath, despite eating 52 breath mints, made her sick. Mr Epidural made her sleep, while I was forced to sit in one of the most uncomfortable chairs designed in modern history.

With Oliver, our third, Kelly was there to provide all the assistance my wife needed. Massages, affirming words, timing contractions, all the things I could not do right. I was able to recline, read a book, encourage and enjoy the process without the stress of trying to assist in delivery. A task I'm not designed to do and failed at the first two times I attempted it. For those guys who want to help, Kelly is a great coach and mediator.

With Kelly's assistance, I was able to enjoy the process and as I mentioned before, the dollars spent on her, were the best dollars I spent on the entire labor and delivery process. If you love your wife and want to continue to have a happy and healthy marriage, I recommend you hire Kelly!"

Robert Clark


"Not having a doula is like going to a gun fight without a gun - you might win without one but why risk it?"

Melvin Eledge


"Kelly was amazing. She was one of the best things I could have done for my wife during labor. The way she walked me through helping my wife during labor and the way she assisted my wife was invaluable to our labor experience! Kelly is the best!"

Adam Reece


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