Under Pressure (Ooh ooh Ooh)—3 Ways to Relieve “Due” Date Pressure

June 27 2012 by Kelly O'Brien Pahman

Under Pressure (Ooh ooh Ooh)—3 Ways to Relieve “Due” Date Pressure

It’s unexpected and seemingly inevitable. Your 8.5 months pregnant and the pressure is on.  The calls are rolling in, Facebook is lined with excited friends and family letting you know that your profile is their new homepage and that they are eagerly awaiting news of your little one. Add this to some hospital policies on postdates and your family’s tendency to have 10 month pregnancies, it can get a bit overwhelming to say the least.

Take a deep breath and remember that EDD doesn’t stand for due date but rather estimated date of delivery and that it is normal to go two to three weeks before or after that time. And if this is your first, be ready to take a little extra time to enjoy pregnancy.

Here are a few suggestions to help alleviate the stress so you can focus on more pressing matters like taking a nice bath and getting all the oxytocin you can get into your system:

  1. Keep it a Secret
    Early on in our pregnancy my husband and I decided that we would keep the EDD a secret. We gave people a hint…. we told them the due month and often people were fine with our response and just dropped the issue.  One friend of mine with an exceptionally affectionate and eager family simply and purely lied about her EDD (a “saving pretext”?); she pushed it back two weeks so she could be greeted with the excitement of her new little guy when she was ready for it. If your EDD is at the end of the month (i.e. June 28th), consider letting people know that you plan on having a baby in July. (You will, after all, “have” the baby in July even if he was technically born in June….)

  2. Update your Voicemail
    Dads especially get bombarded with good intentioned well-wishers who are eager to hear the news of the arrival of your new little buddy. So feel free to update your voice mail letting everyone know you are enjoying the season of anticipation and you will update it again when your delight arrives. Something like:


Hello Thanks for checking in on us! We are excited to meet our baby soon and are enjoying the time we have now as a family. Thank you for your encouragement and support, if you would like to sign up to bring us a meal please visit www.takethemameal.com and sign up. We will let you know when our “babymoon” begins!

Or when the baby arrives:

Thank you for your call! We are thrilled that Baby Brendan Andrew is here. He came on February 3rd at 1:43am and was 8lbs 6oz and 21” long! Thank you for your encouragement and support; if you would like to sign up to bring us a meal please visit www.takethemameal.com and sign up.

You are now free to send everyone to voicemail and focus on the sacred time you are in right now. The world will manage without minute by minute updates.


  1. Date Night it up!

Plan a date with your special someone right around your EDD and a day at the spa  a week after. It gives you something to look forward to and to enjoy while you allow your baby to get ready to see you. It helps, and you may find yourself actually hoping you get the time at the spa. (Don’t worry; if your bliss comes sooner you can go to the spa a month or so afterwards bring a friend who is a veteran mom or willing to help you navigate life with a little one and enjoy the pampering!)

This is a special time, you are with your baby now and you have a unique relationship with him when it’s just you and your baby: enjoy it and spend this time bonding with your baby and strengthening your body for labor and parenthood.


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